Conditions Of Adoption

When Adopting One Of Our Babies


All our puppies are raised in our home with lots of love and attention. All are handled daily from birth to give them the best start. Our babies are raised as a part of our family. They are used to being picked up and kissed by every member of our family and are used to the hustle of a busy, often noisy family, which includes children, human adults and other animals including cats.

They are raised in our open plan family room so are part of all the day to day activities and are integrated parts to our family that will fit right into your loving homes as well.

 Puppies will leave for their forever homes between 8 and 12 weeks of age. “NO SOONER” This allows these precious babies all the time they need with their mum, dad and siblings to socialise and learn all about being a well rounded and stable baby for you. It also gives them time to start their toilet training by learning from the best, their parents. We will send info on how to continue with this training along with your puppy in their starter pack. You will be amazed our easily and quickly they house train from having the right start.

Puppies will go to “INDOOR ONLY” homes as there are just too many dangers outdoors for them, not to mention the fact that they could get lost or be stolen. If they need to go outside then please make sure you have a puppy proof garden for them to be in. Supervised outside visits on a harness are also acceptable.

Please only take your puppy to puppy school or other public places until they have completed their full set of vaccinations at around 16 weeks of age. Parvo virus can be picked up on public grass parks and survives on the bottom of your shoes for ages.
Our puppies are all registered with KUSA and you will receive a Certificate of Pedigree from The Kennel Union Of Southern Africa ( KUSA) on receipt of their proof of Spay/Neuter.
Puppies are also all microchipped, Vaccinated and Dewormed numerous times before they leave to join your family. They are breed restricted which means they are not available for breeding and it is required that you have them neutered /spayed by the age of 6 months. We offer a contract and health guarantee on each puppy.