Frequently Asked Questions

We have tried to answer some of the most frequently asked questions but if there is anything else at all that you would like to discuss or ask please do not hesitate to contact us and we will try our best to answer all of your questions to your satisfaction.

Is this breed called the “Ultimate Snob Dog”?

Yes, an article appeared in Town and Country Magazine a few years ago. The title referred to the attitude of owners, not the Cavaliers. It was mentioned that Monarchs, Presidents, Captains of Industry and Movie Stars own Cavaliers.

Further to the fact that puppies are sometimes hard to find contributed to the title. Further prospective puppy buyers are often surprised by the “third degree” admixture by breeders trying to determine their suitability to owning a cavalier.

What People do well with a Cavalier?

The cavalier has been the companion of choice to high stress people for 400 years. Every crowned head of England had one as a companion as a child, as did many in the Dutch court. More recent celebrities who own or have owned Cavaliers are Ronald and Nancy Reagan, William Buckley, Ms Frank Sinatra, Candice Bergen, Robert Wagner , Natalie Wood and many others. The Cavalier has a claming effect on many people. Stress reduction/relaxation can be noticeably felt when a cavalier curls up peaceably on a lap.

Are they good with children and young ones?

The Cavalier is excellent with children. Their tendency to interact with their owners makes them an especially close friend and confidant for a child. They enjoy playtime and activity. Children of course need supervision to be certain that the child does not hurt the dog.

Are they good with Older ones?

Retired ones or “empty Nesters” find the companionship, temperament, small size and easy maintenance ideal. More than one woman has mentioned the Cavalier resting on her lap or in the crook of her arm is almost as peaceful as holding a human sleeping baby. You might receive more than one invitation to a function ! One for you and one for the Cavalier!

Are they good guard dogs?

NO, While the Cavalier will alert his owner to an arrival of someone new, they seem to regard all strangers as friends they have not met yet. Although a noisy greeting may be enough to ward off a prowler, it would be difficult imagining anyone being scared off by a Cavalier.

Do they travel well?

People who travel often find it easy and pleasant to take the cavalier along. Their strong desire to be with their owners makes them willing travellers. Their size and personality contribute to their welcome at Pet Friendly accommodation.

Can I find one in a Pet Shop / News Paper ?

Hopefully NEVER!!!! Every attempt is made to make sure Cavaliers NEVER fall into the hands of puppy mills or anyone who would resell the dog. Our contract would exclude providing puppies for resale. Responsible breeders do their best to screen any prospective puppy buyer and often refuse to sell to a less than ideal home.

What of medical problems?

For the most part Cavaliers are quite healthy dogs. There are a few problems which are known to appear in the breed : Heart murmurs, Cataracts, Subluxating Patella’s.

What kind of grooming is necessary ?

The Cavalier requires regular grooming. The dog must be bushed and combed at least once a week. Cavies do shed particularly at spring and Autumn but a little all the time. Brush out all knots and tangles before bathing and keep free of parasites. They are naturally clean dogs and too much bathing can dry out the skin and coat. Bath no more than once a week. Don’t use human shampoo and a very good one is available from your vet called Ultrum. Rinse well and a warm not hot hairdryer and brushing or hand drying at the same time works well. Keep dryer moving so as to not make one spot too hot. A little Vaseline can be applied to the dogs nose occasionally.

If I am unable to keep my dog due to moving or another unfortunate circumstance can I rehome or give to an animal shelter (SPCA)

No, we would like to beg you not to do this ! Our contract asks you to please return the dog to us and we will place it in a suitable home for yourselves or keep the dog in our own family. If you have a family member or friend wanting the dog they will have to go through the screening process before rehoming.

Will our new dog be registered?

Yes! He or She will be registered with the kennel Union of Southern Africa ( KUSA) and you will receive a registration certificate with the dogs registration number and registered name. We will transfer ownership to yourselves via this certificate once the puppy is at least 6 months of age and you produce a proof of spay/neuter certificate from your vet.