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Puppies Up For Adoption

Updated :  27 January 2022

We do not have any puppies available for adoption. We are hoping all going well, to have babies who will be born late Autumn, and in to early Winter. I will post a notification here as soon as

Please contact BronArnies for more info on 084 264 1031 or via email – info@bronarnies.co.za and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

This can take a while as puppy duties can keep us very busy and admin takes a second place to taking special care of your adorable future family member.

So please be a little patient but also feel free to contact us again if you think we may of overlooked you for a little too long 🙂 – we are EASILY distracted with “Cavies Kisses” and New Puppy Smells or Demands For Love and Kisses.