About BronArnies Cavies

About the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a delightfully affectionate, playful, intelligent little dog that repays its owners care and attention with an endearing devotion. It is this typical gay temperament, combined with true elegance and royal appearance that are of paramount importance in the breed.

A “Toy Breed”, they have a natural coat which needs no trimming,
long silky ears and large soulful eyes.

They come in four colour combinations :
Blenheim : ( Red and White with a red mask and ears and red patches on a white body)
Tricolour : ( Black and white with tan points)
Ruby : ( Solid Red)
Black and Tan : ( Black with Tan markings)

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a pleasant companion dog who is an eager affectionate tail wagger. Lively outgoing and sportive. These fearless little dogs want to please. They are intelligent enough to understand what you want and therefore are usually easy to train and respond well to gentle obedience training. They are said to be naturally well behaved and get along well with other dogs and non canine pets.

They should not be left alone all day. They love to romp out doors. This breed sometimes displays a chasing instinct and should be kept well enclosed or leashed so it does not get lost or run over by a car. In addition to being a fine companion, one of the jobs of the Cavalier king Charles spaniel was originally bred to do was warm he laps in draughty castles and on chilly carriage rides. Their other job was to attract fleas and thereby spare their masters in the days of the Plague. While so many other breeds of dog no longer perform the tasks for which they are bred ( pulling milk carts, herding sheep, hunting lions for example) Cavaliers still take their responsibility quite seriously. A prescription written in Olde English for the Queen of England directs her to keep a “Comfort Dog” now know as the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel on her lap to treat a cold. It is almost the breeds motto ” So many Laps, so little time” Cavaliers Take Cuddling So Seriously That “If You Want Your Pillow, You Must Get There First” Is Often Heard From Cavalier Owners. For the most part these dogs are quite healthy dogs . There are a few problems known to appear in the breed. Syringomyelia, hereditary eye disease, dislocating knee caps ( patella) and ear infections. Don’t over feed. This breed tends to gain weight easily. When selecting one of these dogs, it is extremely important to check the medical history of several previous generations. We have imported most of our dogs from Europe and from world known reputable breeders who’s own dogs are clear and have been for generations it still however as in humans never impossible for a health concern to arise but all care must be taken to prevent this happening as far as humanly possible. This is done through responsible breeding and education.

Cavies Love People And Need Lots Of Attention And Companionship To Be Happy.